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The causative agent of the disease is tropic to buy avana pills tissue and, under favorable factors (decreased immunity), can cause neuropathy. Vestibulitis. This condition is characterized by damage to the small glands in the vestibule of the vagina. Operations on the pelvic organs. Sharp fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Vulvovaginal candidiasis (a fungal disease from the STD group). Human papillomavirus infection. Rape. Uncontrolled intake of oral contraceptives. Change in hormonal background. Increasing the density of nerve fibers. Renal failure. Lichen sclerosis. Dermatoses. Increased muscle tone. Mental disorders. Inflammatory diseases of the external female genital organs. Exposure to chemicals.

The cause of vulvodynia may be the use of scented pads and intimate hygiene products. Irritation of the vulva is possible through contact with washing powder or underwear. Pain syndrome can also occur in a child (girl), but this is rarely observed. The main symptom of this pathology is discomfort or discomfort. Pain has the following features: Pain in the area of ​​the entrance to the vagina and labia bothers for six months or more.

Collection of anamnesis. The doctor determines the nature of the pain, its duration, intensity, localization, connection with sexual intercourse and physical activity. Gathering an obstetric and gynecological history. Be sure to determine the nature of menstruation. Inspection on the armchair with the help of avana online. Microscopy of smears. Material for research is taken from the posterior fornix of the vagina, cervix and urethral mucosa. Cytological study. General clinical analyses. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs. Genotyping by polymerase chain reaction.

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Sometimes hormonal drugs are prescribed. With herpes infection, antiviral drugs (Zovirax, Acyclovir Akrikhin) and immunostimulants (Isoprinosine) are indicated. Compliance with sexual rest. At the time of treatment, it is necessary to exclude intimate contacts. Elimination of itching. For this purpose, antihistamines may be prescribed. Psychotherapy. It is necessary if vulvodynia is caused by mental disorders. In this case, a consultation with a psychotherapist is required. Elimination of pain syndrome. For this purpose, NSAIDs are used.

Reviews of doctors about avanafil medicines are positive. The use of herbal sedatives and antidepressants. Immunity boost. It is achieved by taking vitamins and immunostimulants. Physiotherapy. With pain in the vulva, electrical stimulation and electrophoresis are effective. Gymnastic exercises.

Avanafil of exercise therapy is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and relax the spasmodic muscles. Balneotherapy (water procedures). It is useful to take a shower and a bath with water of different temperatures. Irrigation and dousing are also useful.

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Decreased quality of life. Women may experience pain during intercourse, which makes it difficult to have a normal sex life. Depression. Sleep disturbance. Decreased performance. Dermatitis and eczema. Occur with intense itching on the background of scratching.